February 11, 2018

Most important elements of a literature review

For me, to take up a research would be to make a unique contribution to body of knowledge by (1) Creating something that never existed (2) Adding a unique piece of contribution by either plugging gaps in existing theory (3) adding a new dimension to existing theory

For either of above, literature review is essential to first understand if I do have some unique thoughts and points to make of if they are already taken. Then, if they are available - to also learn and see if it was already covered in a particular geo/ cultural context, in a different adaptation, or with a different group of people do I need to adapt it to a context..

So, in essence - it's primarily for 2 objectives:

  1. To get a sense of what I am about to do will it result in really pushing the boundaries of existing knowledge and result in unique contribution to the area I am interested in.
  2. It is also to edify my thinking and research subject so that my research is not an end in itself, but to help more researches/ researchers advance in the area with unique thinking and research aspects..

Further readings suggested - Andrew Booth, Diana Papaioannou, and Anthea Sutton, Systematic Approaches to a Successful Literature Review

February 4, 2018

Mukkabaaz - A powerful social narrative!

A wonderful story of 'UP ka Mike Tyson' told by Anurag Kashyap - he stirs hearts with this narrative of poor-family situations; evils in the social systems, specifically the politics around sports (boxing precisely), both at state and national level.

It’s heart wrenching to watch how the powerful deprive the deserving of their basic rights and breeding oppression. It was as if we're still living in the 19th century. What also stands out is the social curse of casteism, a shame inflicted since ages, and not dying down easily... Guess it'll take another century or more cos it’ll need generations to change to really mellow down this muck.

A big longish, but a knockout to say the least, would not spend more time in saying what other reviews have already done.

I strongly believe in the relevance and dire need of this 'change' the movie presents. Would urge that governments should freely promote and allow for screening in schools for bringing about a progressive social change.