June 30, 2013

Narendra Modi watches slide show riots of 2012 - LoL!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha! That was my first reaction to this piece of news today in the papers..

So the Gujarat CM finally lent a ear to the voices of the affected minority, or should I say the 'younger bro' who was taught to respect the elder bro in the community.. I didn't know who should I be laughing at.. the CM who agreed to create another piece of news by this act, or the hopelessly hopeful critic who went, presented as if he was giving some real 'news' to the 'watchful CM'.

And not so surprisingly, Modi said - "I'll consider it." What else could he have said with the whole world now watching him!

Why if someone, some diligent human rights activists help the CM watch the 'Final Solution', a documentary by Rakesh Sharma to see what really went about in those days.. It wouldn't need fancy slides, nor passionate speech to convince any administrator to 'consider' it. One needs just open eyes and ears, and most importantly a conscience to see the reality around to respond to the pain and suffering of people. How much more then does it apply for a leader, a chief administrator of a state? God forbid such a leader gets reins of a greater position and create more evil for a larger state!

To Mahmood - the critic who presented - I really wish the conscience of the 'big brother' would really see some change - like you - I'm a dreamer too.. let's hope against hope. But you brother, don't get swayed by this media act.

To Modi - "I'll consider it". Too late a statement and nothing in it for one to buy in to it sir!