August 28, 2009

The lame breath-check at Gurgaon toll plaza!

There's a ridiculously deficient act by the Gurgaon traffic police at the Delhi-Gurgaon expressway one would come across these days. It surpasses all the other peeves including middle-of-the-road traffic checks and odious questions these cops ask among others by any standard!

At the toll-gate, if you're driving to Delhi from Gurgaon, you'll find a cop standing in your way, stop you, ask you to lower the window, and ask you to breathe on their face! I actually recalled the Colgate ad, 'breath that turns you on'! :-& (sick), Yuck! Cos, it' ain't a sexy woman cop, nor an amiable person in front of you.. it's their cheapest and lame way of checking on you if you're drunk and driving.

Lately, I see them chewing mint-flavored gum, perhaps to do their sensing better, unlike a month ago since when I've been observing this. How did I know that.. of course, they kinda get so close and shoot their questions in their signature style 'Beer pe rakhi hai?" (Have you had Beer?), "Peeke chala raha hai?" (Are you drunk and driving?).. Grrrr...

Well, given all the panic on H1N1 - Swine flu, which is highly communicable, looks like the traffic police department is not troubled by the thought yet! Ignore H1N1, how intruding would a commuter feel (which cop gives a damn to privacy in India, anyways) and to the cop, how belittling even does that act seems, to walk up to someone and ask them to breathe on you?!?

God forbid, if the whole fleet of traffic police in that vicinity there should be erased, by a breath of virus!