November 4, 2009

I am what I am...

Of the many favorite taglines published by marketing companies - 'I Am, What I am' used by Reebok has clicked quite well, and I see people flashing this message with or without understanding what it means.. Serves  as a good personal marketing tagline as well. But..

I often wonder what people exactly mean when they make that 'I am what I am' statement, cos many invisibly read 'I am what I am - A silly dumbo', eh? hehe..

When I pointed it out on Facebook, my friend Marc was quick to comment - "Its stolen from the Bible...So wrong." Yes, it is. That statement is not to be used so lightly, cos it's so profound and is a self-definition of a person that man cannot perhaps imagine being one.

The origin of the statement comes from the Holy Bible, where, when the prophet Moses asked God to reveal his name; in response - the Almighty God, rather arrogantly (refusing to name himself) declared 'I Am that I Am'. Which literally means - I am Unchanging. It's God - and as we all know - God is Great.. He has no beginning and no end. He was, He is Great and mighty, He is and He will be. He's got the whole world in His hands. It's apt a definition for the person of God.

But when one of us - humans, state that - it's really funny.. rather ridiculous. One can't really be stating - 'I am what I am' - a silly fellow, and you better not hope for me to get any better! Well, think about it.. and STOP using such statements abusively used by marketers.