May 31, 2007

When your present shapes your past...

Can your present truly change your past?

I can already hear resounding 'No'. Well, even I couldn't believe that till I came across this really really famous author (thanks to all his ghost-writers). Guess what it took him to be famous? A rich dad willing to let flow his booty, and lots of emotionally-intelligent fools who could be bought for 'less than' their moneys worth, and you know... the rest just adds up...

It is possible for everyone to change their past, provided there were enough time machines (ha ha). Unfortunately there are none. But this one has his way, cos he can write whatever **** he'd like to, and make believe the masses. Now, need we discuss the masses' intelligence? Let it be...

So, because you're now an influential person (or their son), you could present yourself as the then brightest kid in town, the revolutionary ideator, most evolved teenager (though a failure actually) thinking and analyzing strategies of country leaders, world economy... What more, people won't ask a thing, cos you're famous and influential... Guess what people see is just what they believe...

Here's what my friend Surabhi Agarwal, a young journo says: "It's never too late to start over again, if you screwed up your past, sex-up the present"

The bottomline... "There are better ways to sex-up things which you screwed up earlier..."

Ah! another one.. "If you try to change your past, which you can't, you might be screwing up things further!"

May 29, 2007

Missed Calls…

…there are many, but is there a log?

We all have missed calls sometime or the other… oh, yeah, that mobile phone keeps a log of those missed calls too… But what of those calls you miss, of subtle voices that reach out to you? Do you have a log of it?

It was raining almost every evening during the last two weeks in Delhi, and then it occurred to me, when I was driving home alone on NH-10, that I saw someone completely drenched asking for a lift… I just ignored, who wants to wet their car for a stranger? And that too taking in strangers on a highway, when you’re alone, is it safe? Huh, why bother so much! Just ignore. I thought I missed a call?!

I recall a year back, when I was driving from Faridabad with my friend to Delhi, that we saw a big stone blocking our way, the road was empty and we drove past; but, we stopped by agreeing that we should remove it, lest a mishap take place. Guess that call was an answered call!?!

Well, I believe each of us do receive such calls to answer everyday. Children, adults and crippled begging when you’re waiting for the traffic-light turn green or when you’re shopping at a market place, a friend asking ‘can you do me a favor?’, or sometimes our own family members are silently seeking attention…

Do we have a log of those missed calls? If we had, I’m sure it would count more than the days of our lives… Guess we should start working on reducing those hereafter?

May 15, 2007

I'd rather lose to his winning ways...

I’ve recently had a job shift. It wasn’t that easy a process, as it took me two months of careful consideration of that move; add to it another three months of the process of interviews, elusiveness, communication and exit from the previous job.

I had been praying throughout about this decision, but haven’t received the Lord’s direction explicitly. And then, I took a leap of faith, giving up my thoughts and my strategies about successful living as I started to attend interviews. I waited and watched as mystery unfolded into news of rejection once, and news of job offers twice, which added to further confusion. As I waited on the Lord, the circumstances had zeroed-in on one offer.

People who know me closely know what I had to endure during those times, but, here's what God reinforced as he took me through this experience— “To submit to His will, take a step in faith, and he’ll establish the way, according to His will.”

Here’s something I read in my daily reading… “When a man’s ways please the Lord, He makes even his enemies to be at peace with him.” And, that's exactly what I had experienced... Him, making the crooked paths straight

So, if you're at some crossroad at any point in life... Just give into his winning ways!