May 15, 2007

I'd rather lose to his winning ways...

I’ve recently had a job shift. It wasn’t that easy a process, as it took me two months of careful consideration of that move; add to it another three months of the process of interviews, elusiveness, communication and exit from the previous job.

I had been praying throughout about this decision, but haven’t received the Lord’s direction explicitly. And then, I took a leap of faith, giving up my thoughts and my strategies about successful living as I started to attend interviews. I waited and watched as mystery unfolded into news of rejection once, and news of job offers twice, which added to further confusion. As I waited on the Lord, the circumstances had zeroed-in on one offer.

People who know me closely know what I had to endure during those times, but, here's what God reinforced as he took me through this experience— “To submit to His will, take a step in faith, and he’ll establish the way, according to His will.”

Here’s something I read in my daily reading… “When a man’s ways please the Lord, He makes even his enemies to be at peace with him.” And, that's exactly what I had experienced... Him, making the crooked paths straight

So, if you're at some crossroad at any point in life... Just give into his winning ways!

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