May 29, 2007

Missed Calls…

…there are many, but is there a log?

We all have missed calls sometime or the other… oh, yeah, that mobile phone keeps a log of those missed calls too… But what of those calls you miss, of subtle voices that reach out to you? Do you have a log of it?

It was raining almost every evening during the last two weeks in Delhi, and then it occurred to me, when I was driving home alone on NH-10, that I saw someone completely drenched asking for a lift… I just ignored, who wants to wet their car for a stranger? And that too taking in strangers on a highway, when you’re alone, is it safe? Huh, why bother so much! Just ignore. I thought I missed a call?!

I recall a year back, when I was driving from Faridabad with my friend to Delhi, that we saw a big stone blocking our way, the road was empty and we drove past; but, we stopped by agreeing that we should remove it, lest a mishap take place. Guess that call was an answered call!?!

Well, I believe each of us do receive such calls to answer everyday. Children, adults and crippled begging when you’re waiting for the traffic-light turn green or when you’re shopping at a market place, a friend asking ‘can you do me a favor?’, or sometimes our own family members are silently seeking attention…

Do we have a log of those missed calls? If we had, I’m sure it would count more than the days of our lives… Guess we should start working on reducing those hereafter?
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