May 23, 2010

Of storms and good weather

For some to enjoy good weather, some will have to face the storm..

'Cyclone Laila has left coastal Andhra in tatters', said the newspapers. I've been watching news about it since 2 days and it has killed 16 people. I logged to facebook in the afternoon, and a friend tweeted 'enjoying the great weather'. This friend lived about hundred kilometers away. It was such a paradox - suffering on side, joy on the other. The impact of storm is so light where my friend lived - that it was pleasing weather.

How similar is it for life situations? When we were children - our parents would face the storms so that we would be far away from the impact and rather enjoy what's going on. When it comes to teenage/ adulthood - someone will have to compromise or sacrifice so that many others can enjoy, be happier... 

Living is certainly a balancing act - of bearing the brunt of a storm or enjoying the good weather!

Comfortable with distractions!?!

Distractions.. there have been many of them.. and I've been finding comfort in them - now wonder I haven't been on my blog though I've been wishing to write since so long..

Just had a little skirmish with a friend over the distraction he wanted; and that is when I realized how irritating it is when someone gets distracted while you wanted them to do something. Nobody likes getting distracted and it leads to personal regret as well. In fact - we all have the tendency to make all the merry while distracted - and then - be lost in childish grief when one realizes how distracted s/he was! However, I realize that sometimes distractions can't be wished away and some are even wished for - but it's important to know they always don't have to bring a negative impact.

Some distractions just take us away with a hearty approval - and mine have often kept me away from many close friends to achieving short-term goals, from timely completion of assignments to leading a bad lifestyle among others - and of course a lot of time wasted. But, look at the positive side - I've made new friends, tried out new stuff, fell in and out of few passions and more.. As I trace my steps back - I want to shake off all distractions, while a few add-ons remain - the positive strokes.

Are you caught up in distraction too? If yes, be determined to trace your steps back remember -what matters in the end is if you let the distractions confound your goals; or if you want to shake it off and resolve it.