November 17, 2008

O, She was young and beautiful!

(A song composed out of Proverbs chapter 5, which I heard in '99 during the CMTC camp at Kotagiri)

Proverbs Chapter 5

She was young and beautiful
She was anytime on the phone, I talked o her all the time
She said that she loves me and be with me all of my life
Honey drips from her lips and sweeter were her words
I thought she's the one and only woman of my life

O She lied all the time!
She had many others on her mind
She wasted all the time and made me cry all night..

All these things made me recall Proverbs Chapter 5
Wrong became the trend, bitter was the end
Wasterd were all those days, so foolish were my ways
I've come to be much wise, to a stranger woman is disguise..

O she lied all the time..!
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