November 29, 2008

Giving thanks in every Situation...

(...continued from 31 days of praise)

Sometimes when we are down, we really are upset and disgusted with the situations. We sometimes feel, 'How long will this be - rejected by the society and sometimes even left by God!' At such times, do we really feel thankful? Doesn’t thanking in such a situation mean hypocrisy? How then, can we be thankful in times of distress & trouble?

The Holy Bible doesn’t command us ‘to feel’ thankful in every situation. It doesn’t command us to ‘manufacture positive feelings’. Instead, it commands us to ‘GIVE THANKS’ whether you are in good situation or in bad, whether you are experiencing high or low. A man of God put it this way: “To give thanks when you don’t feel like, it is not hypocrisy; it’s obedience”.
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