November 10, 2008

Love's got me again

I really wonder, if it is love actually? But I'm pretty sure it feels a lot like love... I don't really know what to say.. We get all excited at what we find, but it's only later (which we do not know when it is) that we really know if we did find love or not, ain't that so?

As for me, love remains Utopian for the very sanctity of it to beheld. We hear all the speech, that it's a great feeling to love rather than to be loved.. but, with experience, I've come to believe that love is as much for the other person to receive as much as it is for me to give. So as long as there is a receiver, whether active or passively, my love remains.

As I think of writing this, I cannot forget all that I've already written in parts in different posts, a mix of all those thoughts running in my mind.. whether it's just friends with/without faces and odd little names, or is it priceless words for people, or am I just trying to be a jerk living my lover of love dream? Whatever it is, I'll try to avoid my missed calls...

I know many who's reading this is lost! But, dear, it's my blog, my pour out! Tis ok if you don't get the head or tail of it!
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