November 15, 2008

LK Advani & Gangs on a Chicken Run

LK Advani and his Sangh Parivar associates are on a chicken run. Thanks to ATS revelation of terror linked with people in safrron! What I've been failing to understand, rather the whole intelligent lot digging the case is 'If one religion's leaders can be accused of sedition and violence, why are not the Sangh Parivar leaders not being arrested, and put to judgment?'

LK Advani has been a lifetime supporter of the militant Hindu fundamentalism, and has led many such militant and Hindu fundamentalist movements like the Babri Masjid demolition, and the continued 'Rath Yatras' and 'whatnot yatras' during the election time and other wise which only lead to endless violence and hate among communities and always have resulted in rioting between communities.

LK is now the BJPs prime ministerial candidate for the coming elections, and now he's on a facelift exercise to his personal image and the party's image. No doubt that the party has a few intellectual and able leaders, but the roots of the party ideology called 'Hindutva' run deep in them. The point of fear here is that the idea of 'Hindutva' stems out of violence and terrorism. Though the nation's consitution and judicial framework has not given the propogaters the latitude they need, this nation would have been still waging civil wars and rioting within taking it to doom.

The idea of 'Hindutva' is based on hate, intolerant and selfish motives by a few militant Hindu fundamentalists and the implementers of the idea are such inhuman and merciless mercenaries, that images of that brutality can be seen in the demolition of Babri masjid, the riots that followed, the Godhra burning, the Gujarat riots, burning of Staines' family, the blood-thirst killing of tribal Christians across parts of India, and continued attacks across various parts of the nation of India. These are all just glimpses of the pitiable idea called 'Hindutva' generated by a terrorist group called Sangh Parivar where all parties like BJP, VHP, RSS, Bajrang dal among others.

Take a search of Sangh Parivar, or why, visit their site: and read through what hate they spit, what ideas they propogate, and how dubious they stand in their own partnership with each other in the parivar. Also, remember, Nathuram Godsey, who murdered Gandhi, the father of our nation was also a RSS supporter, or had his ideas nurtured by the Sangh Parivar.. and the most dismal of all, is that the Sangh Parivar is absolutely unapologetic towards any of their disastrous and inhuman acts. What else do we call terrorism?

I urge everyone to please educate yourself about the ideas of Sangh Parivar which propogates Hindutva - a terrorist idea, and create awareness around the same.

Coming back to LK Advani, no matter how much he may try, the ghosts of his past will certainly haunt his future, and no matter how much he may try to cover his wolverine instincts in sheep's clothing and bleeting, his ideas are vicious, his influence is violence and his roots are from a terrorist organization!
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