November 15, 2008

National Prayer Alliance

For the will of God, and the love of a nation!

It's mostly out of my Mom's force that I go to Jesus Calls meetings, and so it was even with this one being led by Dr. Paul Dinakaran. After an hour and a half long drive from Dwarka, we reached this venue near Civil Lines. I wasn't expecting the sight which caught my eye, thought it was usual for Dinakarans' meetings. Though the number wasn't so great, it was an absolute delight to see young, old, men and women gathering in one accord and pray for one cause...

The agenda was to pray for the six states in which elections were going to be held. Delhi, Mizoram, Chattisgar, Madhya Pradesh, Mizoram, Jammu & Kashmir. The agenda was this simple... Pray for God's will to be done in these few states, that the leaders coming into authority will be after God's will, and that which get elected may be led in the fear and love of our Lord Jesus.

What's touching, is the spirit of the multitudes as they raise their hands towards heavens and shout out in agreement.. Ah! It's truly a national prayer alliance for the will of God and the love of our nation! After returning home, I felt good and blessed I did go there.. thanks to my Mom :)
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