March 9, 2007

"Making a Difference: Lessons from Daily Life"

Many a times, we're caught up introspecting and telling ourselves, that we want to make some difference, but we end up just thinking or just talking and then regretting!

Many, often fail because they look at their desired personality and struggle to be the same, but even then, they can't make it! Most probably, because, we tend to overlook the "process"! What happened to the fox which desired to eat the grapes that were too high for it to reach? It couldn't get it! So, it called them sour grapes and walked away...

The very same thing, invariably, without a change happens to most of us. The difference here, is that though we do not have the limitations of foxes, but are blessed with a mind that can comprehend issues and device ways to achieve our set targets.

One of my dearest friend was recently arguing about the matters (theories, concepts and practices) written in books (Guess he read something on Possibility Thinking). He felt that it all was "deception". He said it was all idealistic; nothing like that happens in the world, and whether the author followed it or not, no one knew! He further argues..."If it was only for someone to write, they can write much more, 'cos it's their mind at work, and they can say a lot many other things, but if it was to be enacted, it was next to impossible."

I think many of us, if not now, at some point of time must have thought: "This thing is too much!" "I can't do it!" "It takes too much to do it!" and many other reasons. Friends, we need to understand that if we want to make a difference that actually personifies the difference we want to bring about, there's much more to pay for! Or, we'll be just like that fox who would think that the grapes once he aspired for desperately are sour!

If you really want to make a difference, check out the next post...