June 11, 2007

Priceless words, worthless people

For such, even words seem to loose their value!

It's those first few days when you've fallen in love, and all those words lovers exchange... Man... Priceless! There's no count of the 'I love you's,' Mushy smiles, 'Honey's', 'Darling's', ah! and all those luvy-duvy conversations...

And then, such songs seem to make perfect sense...

'Nothing's gonna change my love for you, (Geroge Benson)
'I'm everything I am, because you loved me' (OST, Up Close and Personal), for instance, or
'Everything I do, I do it for you...' (OST, Robinhood)

Wow, that's a ready made service to express your feelings, isn't it, just play the tape, and pass that love-filled smile, and whisper - 'that's for you, dear.' Easy way to winning hearts!

But, then, look what happens when a lover's got ditched, dumped rather? The love turns sour when people are left closest to tears... Ha! Most of us have been through that... Dean Sherman, in his 'Love, Sex and Relationships' writes, ask an elderly person about their first love, and they'll fondly tell you stories of the same. . No one forgets their first love, and so, no one forgets what left them heart-broken.

And then there are friends, and dear ones who come over, sympathize, empathize... and extend help to get over the 'ditcher', say kind words... and then you realize, that the person neither 'was' or 'is' worth all those words, nor your tears... and whatever time you even spend on thinking about them. 'Worthless', is the word.

Yet, we see such songs, filled with meaning and love... Huh! Priceless words, worthless people, indeed!

Having said that, undoubtedly, there are a very few of those who deserve such words...
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