June 6, 2007

Who made them No.1?

Silly claims to fame can get a bad name

Just came across yet another No.1 XYZ yesterday, after lots of No.1 Website, No.1 Business, No. 1 College, and No. 1 ABC… It looks so na├»ve when you start getting into the details. So, who’s given that title—‘No.1 Company’? NO ONE! It’s like listing your best qualities, and then calling yourself, ‘God, I’m the best’. Such things are figuratively compared to ‘a frog in a well’ (at my native). The frog, because of its limitations thinks— this is my world, and I’m the best. LOL!

Given that we’re now living in a global village, guess companies and individuals must grow beyond these gimmicks of ‘No.1’, ‘world-class’, Best this, Best that… whatever!

I must admit that there have been many other companies to have written about, but this specific one is what triggered this—

Raj Travels had aired a television ad, calling themselves the No.1 in tours… so I Google’d ‘Raj Tours’ to get a warning that this site may be harmful to your computer - http://www.google.co.in/interstitial?url=http://www.raj-travels.com/...and then, the company profile – specifies that… “The CHANGE had taken place and Raj Travels began its journey to become the Number 1 Outbound Tour Operator in the country.” There are no dates to when, how they “revolutionized the entire travel industry in a short span of time.” Nothing more than a typical attention drawing, PR exercise.

The company has rights.

Every individual has those rights, but all such folks need to take a break, think it over – whose yardstick matters when you claim such (treacherous towards ignorant) frivolous ‘best’ titles.

For the audience, it’s time to do some reality check.

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