June 25, 2007

So, who’s managing you now-a-days?

Well, well, well, that’s quite a thought to ponder over for a little while. We all were managed by our parents when we were kids. Similarly, our school and college life was managed by our teachers and professors respectively.

Of course, when we have had a little freedom we’ve all done some mistakes and learned lessons the hard way.

But what of our career and daily operational issues in work life? Are you the Captain of your career cruise, or, some one else is?

On a positive note this week, let’s reflect on our attitude towards our work, career and life. Ask yourself the following questions—

  1. Am I giving my 100% to my work?
  2. Am I serious about progressive learning on the job?
  3. Am I asking intelligent questions to my seniors?
  4. How does my boss rate my work and the quality of it?
  5. How do my seniors perceive me as an individual?
  6. Have I ever asked for feedback from my boss, seniors or colleagues?
  7. Am I so involved with my work that I am ignoring my work relationships?
  8. Am I so busy making friends and chatting that I’m ignoring my work?
  9. Am I proud of at least 3 contributions to my company?
  10. With the current situation, where do I expect myself to be in the next year?

It’s a dog-eat-dog world, and, in a highly dynamic sector like ours, it is an imperative that we’re abreast with the current market scenario, and continuously improve ourselves.

Make your choice today, do you want to manage yourself? Or are you content with others managing you.

Have a productive week ahead!

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