May 23, 2010

Of storms and good weather

For some to enjoy good weather, some will have to face the storm..

'Cyclone Laila has left coastal Andhra in tatters', said the newspapers. I've been watching news about it since 2 days and it has killed 16 people. I logged to facebook in the afternoon, and a friend tweeted 'enjoying the great weather'. This friend lived about hundred kilometers away. It was such a paradox - suffering on side, joy on the other. The impact of storm is so light where my friend lived - that it was pleasing weather.

How similar is it for life situations? When we were children - our parents would face the storms so that we would be far away from the impact and rather enjoy what's going on. When it comes to teenage/ adulthood - someone will have to compromise or sacrifice so that many others can enjoy, be happier... 

Living is certainly a balancing act - of bearing the brunt of a storm or enjoying the good weather!
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