July 22, 2007

The Dark things & Deathly hallows!

The sorcery and conjuring of JK Rowling's Harry Potter series that’s gripping the fascination of young and adult minds equally may be the explosion of the occult into our lives in a very subtle way…

‘Wingardium Leviosa’, ‘Expecto Petronam’, ‘Crucio’, ‘Stupefy’, these intriguing words are much beyond what they sound like. Pronounced at the whip of a wand, they can conjure extraordinary feats and unleash supernatural powers. The changes in culture and thoughts over the years is simply unfathomable should one draw a comparative analysis between the witches of Salem who were hunted, tortured and burnt alive as against the way the same phenomenon is cheerfully welcomed in our homes today.

Common audience is latching on to wizardry, sorcery, potions, spells, tarots, crystal gazing, which were all regarded as dark and eerie things. We (yes, including me), are getting addicted to mysticism. As I watched Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and such movies which made use of Sorcery to overcome ‘dark lords’, I could only think and feel how close and real Hal Lindsey’s, ‘Satan is Alive, and well on Planet Earth’ (written way back in 1972, which spoke a great deal of mystic practices and the popularity of psychic powers and sorcery in the western world) is becoming.

It’s a great sign of warning to us, as I believe that the powers of Satan are subtly but accelerating to seep into the mindsets of all. Kids across the world fave these shady movies, and as a parent in India was talking to a news channel cheerfully as she got her first copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, “Me and my daughter keep fighting over who’s a bigger fan of Potter,” the attraction it gathers is simply consuming.

Personally, the images of Harry Potter and lord Voldemort have inhabited my mind too since a few years, and I’m sure they’ll continue to do so for still many more years to come. Thanks to the series of books written over ten years (1997 - 2007) and the movie series (last movie of the series is perhaps set to release in 2010) that’s following it which will keep bringing the mystic imagination alive.

Cinema is art, and art wields a great influence on the generation, the same is applicable if one looks back at how pop music, rock music, modern art, yoga etc., have influenced the masses, and today, as we know are an integral part of our lives. Similarly, sorcery too, may become a part of our lives, and we may not find anything wrong with it in a few years. Why wait for some time, tarot reading for example, another mystic art is already being practiced widely; if there are any disagreements, check out on people read their horoscopes in the newspapers or some magazines. You can be they’re addicted to the occult.

Sounds very simple, but it should really make us think how strange these mystic practices have become a part of our lives.
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