December 12, 2009

Everyone thinks business..

'Twas in mid / end of second quarter of 2009 when recession started taking its toll in India, and companies got a shocking slow-down on their growth ride. The community of employees labored under the indecisiveness and knee-jerk reactions of their respective managements and while coping with it, some did survive, while the others were ejected to search for other opportunities.. That called for a trend, where, at least most (read all) of my friends, and friends' friends (including me) were thinking of starting up their own business...each with his own idea (not original ones, though).

About a year later, now, that the jobs market is open and recruitment agencies are witnessing a resurrected demand for employment, everyone's forgotten their (so called) 'dreams' to start their own business; everyone's now looking for a job; one that's paying better for the ones who're already employed.. Voila, was that something not expected?!?
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