January 3, 2014

Indian General Elections 2014 with social mobile apps

How would you inspire and mobilize India's youth to vote in the 2014 Indian General Elections using social mobile apps?

India's youth need to see a purpose and a role for them to identify with it. There's none equal to that - and that needs to be absolutely clear!

The 2013 Delhi elections have become a strong case-study of how focused mobilization of India's youth has created history! India's youth is no more the 'ignorant' or 'tell-em-all' anymore. We've seen a wave of change in the mindsets of average Indian - thanks to the progressive and participative trends in media; the outbreak of information and communication technologies (ICTs).

The AAP has provided With a proof of concept how a purpose-driven NGO could take form of a political party and be the change that everyone wants to see. The recent elections in 4 states in latter 2013 has seen unprecedented participation in elections which is such a welcome sign. The Indian youth has come of age and acknowledges that there is a great need for change - and with this circumstantial evidence also acknowledges that they CAN make a difference.

Given that the purpose is established; a hope of dreams coming true is proven - the platforms need to be made stable and made available. Here's how social media can make a difference to make every Indian youth's vote count:


1. It's more of an accessibility / infrastructural issue. Not all Indian youth have access to ICTs / social media apps. However - Indian youth is a multi-faceted learners. They need to be provided access - to become aware; to assess the impact; to voice, to participate. If not for infrastructure. Social media needs to inspire each one to reach out and spread the message. Campaigns with purposeful targets like 'each one reach one every day'etc., could ensure mass engagement and mobilization.

2. There's needs to be forums for youth to participate and engage at a policy level which in turn provide them with greater political participation, directly impacting their quality of life can ensure that collectively India harnesses this demographic dividend. Imagine forums like this aggressively breaking out into sessions of debate, issue-based mobilization to bring about change on the ground happening.. Will bring about wonders.

3. Every third person in an Indian city is a youth; Starting from the grassroot level governance; participation of youth needs to be encouraged. Of course the details need to worked to identify the visionaries, workers.

Some bit of these if can transform into authentic surveys, representing collective voice of youth - will certainly draw the attention of the every authority - cos this is not just blabbering that'll die down - but something that'll translate into a currency; called VOTE! That vote as we recently saw can transform a nation! 
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