August 21, 2015

Airtel 4G – Move from good to better like none other!

"Increase my bandwidth!" has always been one of cries forever... There are some plans which exist in the market at exorbitant prices and not quite meeting the requirements of a working executive on constant travel with voracious appetite to consume a huge amount of data!

But none that beats what Airtel 4G has done! 4G made available at 3G prices sounds too good to be true, for something that’s a First in India. But, it's true ;)

How I embarked on my 4G journey:
Learning the news of 4G services launch through personalized SMS, I had gifted myself an Airtl 4G SIM for free ahead of my birthday by just a SMS/ web sign-up and got a free home delivery around 12th July...

I believe now the sign-up process is much easier – it’s just a tweet away - you just gotta tweet using #GetAirtel4G and snap comes a call from one of the Airtel customer care executives checking on your details and how soon they can deliver – let ‘em know where you’d like your 4G SIM to be delivered, and open doors to the world of 4G as it arrives at your place! 

My experience so far:
Since I bought the Airtel 4G services, I’ve traveled across Delhi to down South of India in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra… I found the network doing seamlessly good in navigation, video streaming and consistent connectivity for long hours using my mobile as a hotspot to be connected to work while away from office...!

As a traveler for long duration away from home, there’s a constant need to get some personal entertainment, download a movie or two every week; Airtel 4G seems to serve my purpose of entertainment without interruption better! Top of all - craving to watch some movie in a jiffy tonight? Don't have to wait till next morning for it to download and plan the day to watch! Download in minutes and bingo! Watch it to believe it!

In my urges to browse videos for entertainment on the move and there's no inactive-screen-staring and head-spinning waiting to see the video buffer and then again wait for the next lap....

As an active user of social media, avid-reader, traveler, curious about things, working executive – the amount of data created – whether by clicking pics, recording conversations, creating presentations, videos and exchanges, the amount of data created and collected can eat away your unit (mobile, pendrive) data storage etc., If you’re a cloud user, you know how much it helps in archiving your data and access on a ned-basis at a later point in time… But what we don’t realize is the amount of data bandwidth consumed in syncing up these things…! With Airtel 4G, you don’t have to wait hours for someone to sync a video / presentation for you to access…!

With the Airtel 4G launch~ my life seems to have got exposed to a new world of reality where time is saved on unnecessary waits and I can look forward to some better achievements…! Don’t sweat comparing plans~ cos there’s JUST NO POINT! Just try it and move from good to better..
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