September 20, 2007

Ganesha wasn't destined to Glory

How would you like to have a god lie at your feet hapless, helpless?

You sure can see vivid images of a god lying desecrated and helpless at the mercy of 'his' creation on this blog. It brings back to my mind the age-old question over which perhaps many people gave life and also took lives. Should idol worship be banned?

Ganesha Chaturthi comes every year, and every year, and the markets are pullulating with idols, small ones, medium-sized, and humongous ones which make news. All of them are gods, being readied for worship and eventually drowned (I'd rather say desecrated). Though it creates a lot of pollution in our water bodies, a more poorer sight emerges after that when the desecrated (handicapped) idols are taken out and thrown as garbage.

And then, there are those religious policemen, who call for mass-destruction of public property when they find some idol brought down or desecrated by some miscreant which break into full-fledged riots.

Well, if those idols are gods, people better take care, and if they're not, they better not take notice, period.
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