September 20, 2007

Lagaan Vasooli

India loves 'superfluous stirring of emotions'

I woke up to this news headline yesterday on a Hindi news channel 'Lagaan Vasooli', and no, it was not about Income tax department. The channel was covering the story of Indian cricket team's flickering victory in the 20-20 World cup series against England. Given that 'lagaan' was a term used during the British reign in India for taxes, I felt the usage of term was very conspicuous and egregious.

Not the first time though, that something like this is being done, such incitement can be very often observed in the speeches of the species called Indian politicians, who incite religious and cultural sentiments over rational and economical issues to muster strength for personal reasons and vested interests. Consider for example the latest 'Setusamudram project', which for all non-issue based reasons has drawn attention at the hoo-ha of some protesters and the eventually admitted mistake of government officials. Papers have the drama that followed.

So long as we live in the past, its shame and glory, guess we have a little future to envision.
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