June 10, 2008

Secret of a Real Hero?

What differentiates a Reel Hero and a Real Hero?

It was just out of the screen the answer popped out. Literally, when I was at a theater, and the gorgeous Vidya Balan (Bollywood actress) flashed on-screen for a Toshiba advertisement.

Perhaps, she only verbalized the thoughts of many
about Reel Heroes and Real Heroes. This is what she utters:

Q: Secret of a great performer?
A: 'Consistency' throughout the film.

Hmmmm... So, their consistency lasts till the film does for Reel Heroes. And for Real Heroes, the consistency lasts a lifetime, or a cause that's beyond themselves... Real heroes' stories last generations. Reel heroes' last a movie review...

Nonetheless, what amuses me is "What made Toshiba chose such a bad Copy for their Advertisement?" Well, just hope Vidya Balan's charm lasts for Toshiba as long...
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