June 6, 2008

What's the ROI of your Non-Billable time...

How are you spending your Non-Billable Hours?

I'm inspired by my boss as to how keenly he monitors his employees' activities so he's sure that every minute of his employees' billable hours are accounted for. That, for sure justifies his existence. But, the sad part, however, is that the employees aren't that evolved or mature to account for their non-billable time.

I'm sure many of us have read stories of how employees at a breaking-point write testimonials of this sort... "I've been working so hard, day and night all the time for my family, but, I now realized that I've earned so much, but I've lost all the precious time with my family"

It's a very subjective matter, though. "What's the trade-off?" questions Nadeem, a Gung-ho sales professional. Sounds like a session with Dr. Phil McGraw on Oprah, but yes, that's true. For the ones which think the least about planning career and life, they have some set priorities. Rest just spend (or waste) their lives blown with the wind.

Get some ROI on your non-billable time! My friend Vikram , Manager with a leading event management company utilizes his non-billable time to be energized, revived and de-stressed which are also very important. Ashish Pandey, another Sales Manager with India's leading bank says, “the moment you feel you're being asked to stay in office for the sake of it, just shake it off ’cos you’re being taken for granted! Get a life, live it out!”

But for those 'business', 'cost-focussed' people, invest your non-billable time into something else that can get you achieve something. Anything! Just don't let go it waste.

It all boils down to having an objective for your life. Having a Dream to drive your purpose of existence. Find that first, then the usage of Billable and Non-Billable hours is semi-Sorted!
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