June 12, 2009

Am I giving my best everyday?

We all come across this phrase "Give your best", sometimes as a suggestion, as a statement, a piece of advice, or someone boasting.

After interacting with a team, I was internalizing it, and for days was not able to believe how less was I giving, and best was quite a far-off thing to even think about.

Be it about Profession, Family, Spiritual, Friends, Personal Care. The answer is an absolute, sure-shot and reverberating 'NO'. I am not giving my best.

Caught up in daily grind, we're mostly caught up cribbing, complaining of what's not there, what oughta be there, and questioning who's supposed to do what, who didn't do what, who's mistake it was, why me, why not him, who said that, why this, how and when.. phew.. All of them, mostly filter out the best that we are yet to give, and believe me, then, we aren't giving our best.

I don't know what will make one give their best. But, to understand this issue of giving your best, there are mostly issues around two prime things - Ability, Attitude. Not giving best may be understood when it's a matter of inability, but when it's a matter of negative attitude, then, you and I are at fault!
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