June 14, 2009

Time's arriving for Employee backlash!

'Recession' is less cited to teams today in corporate India. The job market is up and coming. Everyone's a keen observer of the business and economic trends these days.

Employees lay low and even still as companies have used and abused whether rightfully or not the recession period as a chance to fire their employees, cut down various perks, even salaries, tighten the finance outflows and so on... To broadly define it, companies have done a great deal of restructuring whether in a planned manner or as a knee-jerk reaction - some interventions with high impact some low. Some strategically, some tactically; a few with long-term vision, and many blindly fighting issues at hand.

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In many of the communication that went out from management to employees through various media, their line managers, their HR managers, finance teams, many a psychological contracts were broken which has certainly left a lasting impact, and the management of corporate India said 'there's no jobs in the market, people won't quit anyway'.

Well, the jobs market is teeming with openings again, and time will tell how rapidly the graph would rise, and then, we'll see a high level of attrition, only this time, it'll be called 'Employee backlash'.
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