November 26, 2010

Test of endurance...

Heard of the story of a caterpillar, which did not make it through the process of metamorphosis? You know why it failed? Apparently, a person sitting in the lawn noticed the caterpillar struggling it's way through.. and out of the kindness of his heart, tried to help it by slightly cutting open the cocoon/ chrysalis. Don't know if the caterpillar would have or wouldn't have made it's way through. But, the person certainly did no good to the caterpillar, which would have been one of the most enchanting colorful butterflies!

This also is very common among the human species.. Some are very kind.. especially toward loved ones.. We would at times want to shower so much love, that it might even kill the other one. Death by love, ha! Doesn't sound nice, anyways.. It's a common belief that 'survival of the fittest' is a jungle law is not applicable  the human species.. but matter of the fact proves otherwise..

We all have our tests of endurance from time to time, and that's our metamorphosis process. Some fail, some succeed, and the ones that succeed certainly are adorned with success, a charming and glowing personality in unique ways...

When it comes to your loved ones, who's going through such a test of endurance. Be loving; loving enough not to shower so much kindness lest you hinder the caterpillar from coming out with flying colors.. That's a lesson that I learned.. and I share it.. not that someone didn't know.. but just reminding it.. as my friend Manoj Albert did remind me.
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