August 21, 2007

Longing to break free!

Breaking free is not a one time act at all! Guess it's a repeatable process, cos the moment you're free from something, another one/issue is ready to get you!

It was India's independence on the August 15, and I remember wishing a colleague, "Hope you'll enjoy freedom personally from all of life's tensions and weariness." And, right now, when I am in a fix, longing to break free, I can't help remembering that I've felt like this many times before, and there has been some sorta solution always. While I do understand that this moment, too, shall pass away, guess its a reaffirmation to myself that that every dark cloud has a silver lining, and every night makes way for the light.

Hmm... but, what I can think of, right now, is actress Konkana Sen, how in the movie Life in a Metro, she shouts/ screams at the top of her voice to let out her anger/ frustration at the top of her voice on that building.

But, pity! There's no such buildings around my place in Delhi... and I can't afford to do that!

(This was written before 2 days of actual posting...)
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