August 21, 2007

When someone else controls your life...

Eevrybody likes to control... but, have you ever been controlled? Have an idea of what it's like?

Picture this: You're sitting in the driver seat of your car, but you realize that the steering wheel just doesn't respond to your directions, but it is controlled externally by someonelse. You're trying hard to take it to a direction you want to, but, it's just not possible... How would you feel?

Well, it's really very tiring mentally when you lose control over whatever's happening in your life. Cos, you just indulge in investigating petty details of life trying to find the missing clue, or what went wrong. Isn't it? That's when ambiguity strikes your life... and it's like a high-intensity earthquake which shatters and scatters everything around... It's in those moments that life issues do not let you take control of them, and demand absolute conformity... makes your head go absolute bonkers.

I remember writing "So, who's managing you now-a-days," a month or two ago, but that's only about career. I guess all working executives will concur with it when I say, that in the current lifestyles there's a very very very thin line dividing personal & work life, and in fact, for both the sides fall into each others premises leaving no distinction at all.

Right now, I'm just talking out... to this computer screen, on this blog... cos I seem to have a fascination for this friend without a face and odd little name...
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