January 24, 2008

Where is the blessing of my neighbour!?

When people carry your name on their lips, are they cursing you or blessing you?

I know of more than a hundred people who must be unhappy with me and cursing me at my back (a few on my face too), and it is a sad thing to know that people are talking about you, and that is for no good reason... They're not blessing your name but cursing it. Without entering into the 'people talk, let them talk' mode, I think everyone need to introspect why is it that people are cursing and not blessing your name?

Think of it and one may actually realize that the intentions / trigger behind the actions which resulted in that gossip full of despise and cursing may have been avoided or dealt with in a better way. In plain words, perhaps, one deserved that cursing...

Huh! One should beware of own actions... lest you pile heap of curses from everyone around on your name, all your life...

Next time you're up to something that's gonna impact others, ask this question: Are people gonna bless my name or curse my name?

Do you really have the blessing of your neighbor?
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