January 1, 2008

Return, O man, to your Origin!

Can a plant survive without the light of the sun?
Can a man cut-off the branch he is sitting on without a fall?
Can a child in the womb survive if the umbilical cord is cut off?

What man can cause thunder of his own strength?
Can we make the seasons change their cycle?
Reset the course of a wind, or cause it to rain at will?
Can we keep the drought away or the land from going dry?
Can man stop the rising waters or the quaking earth?
Can we fathom what runs in the womb of the earth or in the highest heavens?
Nay, even with all the satellites soaring sleeplessly keeping watch in the space
Nor does our technology beneath the seas help us...
What is man made of, that he should boast of his abilities as though he can stop the nature from obeying the laws of God?

Return, O man, to your origins..
Return to the Lord God your creator,
He's waiting for you with his arms open wide,
Come Home, Come to the Creator of life...
Love him with all your heart and soul and mind!

(A part of this was inspired by the 2007 Watch-night service where Bro. Prakash Rao (RZIM) had preached)
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