January 5, 2008


Why is it so hard to exit? When someone’s gotta go, they just gotta go!

I am trying to exit from a Home loan ‘relation’ with GE Money. I remember 18 months ago, how the bank executives were literally running around me to get the account opened then, just like I am today. W-o-W! I thought to myself, nice way to keep people bugged, and expect them to give up.

LOL! But, when someone’s gotta go, they just gotta go! Isn’t it?

Then, I recall my exit from a relation. O yes, you’re smart… I don’t have to elaborate that much… we all know it’s hard to walk away from any person you’ve been so closely lived with… even friends, when you fight with them and the ego starts occupying the spaces… it’s difficult.

What of exit from a company… huh! I’ve been through that too not before a year ago. And believe me, it took me about three months with that changeover. Not an easy one. Though I am not sure if there was much wanted of me, the exit nonetheless was hard enough to give me sleepless nights. And then, even after about more than 3/4th year, the ghosts of it do not cease to haunt.

What of exit from life? Of course, I haven’t experienced that. But, a look at the large hospitals where emergency cases are rushed in, a look at the grieving families and dear ones does communicate one thing – “IT IS HARD TO EXIT”.

So, why is it hard to exit? Our hearts are set on the object which is departing. They become our objects of affection (not in literal sense, may not be intense either) which we cling on to. The bottomline being the collaborative investment in each other whether in terms of money, emotions, time or in any other form.

Towards the end, to ease the pain of exit, we just need to know one thing. Just as Job speaks in The Holy Bible— We have come into this world without anything, and without anything shall we go!

(Was written way back in November)
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