May 2, 2008

History remembers Kings, not soldiers!

One strong belief among others I've learned through life experiences is that 'Each of us has a need to feel important'. This need to feel important drives us to find as many opportunities, small and big do many acts, activities, and sometimes even defy people and principles to reinforce to oneself the feeling of  importance.

Examples are when you see individuals defying their bosses, people taking a stand for a cause, daring feats and take risks to achieve some greatness among others. Times when we get involved in someone else's lives to guide (influence), go out of the way to help them... all of these are our little and big opportunities to make ourselves feel important.

Let's look at the constant power-play and influences at workplaces, where everyone struggles to clear the clutter to rise above the rest to feel their importance in the workplace... there's another cry out there... Nobody wants to be a pawn in someone else's game. They too, want to lead...

My point here... I's just an observation! History remembers Kings, not Soldiers. So, we all try to find small and big opportunities to win those little battles, and reassure ourselves of us, being important in the web of life connecting all of us... Are you a soldier... or a King?
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