May 2, 2008

Impressions we leave...

Who was your first love? Who was your first best friend? Who was your favorite school teacher? Which senior first ragged you at your college? Who was your first boss?

Do I hear you say: “Wait, I remember that!?”

We all do remember most of the answers to the above questions. It’s primarily because of the ‘fine’ lasting impressions they’ve left on our minds.

That’s how important the ‘first’ impressions are. Biology has it that all our body cells wear out regularly, including skins cells, muscle and even bone cells. They regenerate almost every 16 years (max time), but there are the Mind Cells, which live the longest. About a hundred years. They contain all our memories; and you’ll know when your mind cells wear out when you start losing your memories ;-)

Impressions have become so important these days, that ‘Impression Management has become a part of curricula at few important B-schools. For a few, it’s a course to attend for giving successful interviews.

Impression management gains more importance when we talk of its impact in the corporate circles and professionalism. Each individual has an important role to play in creating the right impression for an organization. As an employee, employer, corporate ambassador, organizational citizen, vendor, or even as a customer each individual leaves impression.

So, to make sure you’re giving the right strokes for the best impression:
  • Educate yourself of the business etiquettes. Being ignorant about the same may even cost you dearly.
  • Make this impression management an inherent part of your way of living. It’s quite important, cos you can’t make lasting impressions if you don’t believe and live it.
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