May 27, 2008

Don't let them steal your dream...

Look after your dream, or a thief will!

There's a lot of 'Dream Stealers' out there! After a week long training session, I'm high on its theme: Change, Success & Leadership... and most of all... I'm tipsy and Crazy so that I DON'T LET THEM STEAL MY DREAM!

There come times in our lives when we feel that we're loosing control of the direction of our lives, when someone's influencing our jobs, relationships or any other key aspects of our lives. I've written about it earlier also in --
Well, only a few could know what that feeling's like, and definitely, any person who's
on a job led by a 'Boss', one who's limited by resources, control-freak parents or dominating partners among other categories...

But, you see, it's not just that they control, but even those negative energies they release over our determination to achieve by displaying disturbing attitudes, negative words and strong actions as well. However, to overcome all this, one needs to actually KNOW what their DREAM is! Do you know what your Dream is?

Where Dreams Fail...
Many peoples dreams fail! Not knowing what ones dream is will only make them so accommodating that every other influence or a negative word will be accepted whining, or sometimes even without the slightest whimper. A few have such feeble dreams which can easily be replaced by another one. For a few more, the dream fades away with the passing of time, and for few others dreams not achieved will not matter at all.

Folks, get serious, cos we get a life only once. Wake up, realize your dream, and Go get it!

Get a little Tipsy and a lot Crazy!
Realizing your dream is just the beginning. You may want to get over with any hangover, but never get over the hangover of your dream. Get Tipsy (rather drunk) with your dream... and a Lot Crazy, so that no one would even dare to approach to steal your dream away! Even if someone does, you'll be so well guarding it, that you'll not allow it.

Realized your Dream? Look after your dream, or a thief will rob you off it!
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