July 29, 2008

Can 'Jugaad' Kill India?

I just hope someone doesn't sue me for Blasphemy and Treason against my nation. But, maybe you'll agree with me at some level with this argument of mine.

First, let's understand what is
Jugaad? A colloquial Hindi word, which means 'a quick fix' to anything. For example, if I got caught for over-speeding, and am liable for a heavy penalty; Jugaad in this situation means 'to find a simpler and less costlier means of fixing the situation." So, Jugaad takes a new meaning in different situations, but the bottom line remains - 'a quick fix', or 'finding a shortcut'. It certainly means a solution, but a temporary and short-lived one... for the time being.

Now, I've heard this term Jugaad, from few corporate leaders in their presentations, and even news channels who claim it as India's strength. But I fail to understand how easily they happen to promote this Jugaad culture by raising a favorable voice - Here's my case against Jugaad! How do so many small IT companies get to thrive on softwares? IT's Jugaad! Most of the Software installed is Jugaad! How do so many second-class businessmen get government licenses and all? It's Jugaad! How do so many law-breakers find means to work out a way? It's Jugaad? How do miserly Lala (miser) companies show-off swanky offices and executives? It's Jugaad! How does an incompetent guy get into a good job? Jugaad!

Many ways of Jugaad, and many ways Jugaad can help you thrive.

Most of Indian businesses, from the small home offices, to the large corporates, a majority of them survive on
Jugaad. Not only them, but large organizations have made paths to Jugaad in mainstream management. The way Indian corporates are into Jugaad, it's perhaps counted among skills and competencies employees need to have. They want seasoned 'Jugaad' professionals.

I certainly do not think, that this Jugaad culture is applicable to India alone, but, if this remains the way we do business, and manage our work, it certainly can be disastrous. Cos, Jugaad is a short-term, even a momentary strategy, and will uncover its disgrace sooner or later. If one moves out of India and explores the more developed nations, we can see how Jugaad is simply not done; there's not future in doing 'Jugaad'... and Jugaad actually becomes our way of life and business... INDIA will die! Jugaad will kill it!

This is open for debate...
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