July 31, 2008

Plaigarism and the Information explosion...

Two years back, when I came across this company, which was utterly chaotic in terms of functions and processes, I wanted to write about how this organization was 'Thriving on Chaos', but as I generally dwell over the idea for few days, I discovered, the great Tom Peters has already authored a tome titled 'Thriving on Chaos'. Bah! my idea was taken already...

My friend Andy had just joined an IT org, which promotes their own social networking site - My Roob. Well, I am registered on most of the famous social networking sites like Orkut, Facebook, hi5 among others, I've always taken extreme care that I should not click on ads, as they result in irritating pop-ups, and that caught me thinking, a significant lot in this world perhaps may carry the same mentality. The question here was, if everyone was so cautious about all this, how exactly do these sites make their money, and there are so many new ones that start-up, and even get the capitalist funding... This idea too, I had found existed on the net, here's the link -Social Networking Remains Hot

Just a few days ago, I had a thought of writing about the 'People over Process' philosophy that companies claim to practice; and I personally perpetuate that idea too. But, Urggggh! I found a blog with almost the same words... perhaps it was better too... In case you wanna read it, here's the link - People over Process.

I'm wondering now, how many of the stuff I had written about are already existing on the internet? Would I be caught for plagiarism? I know the images may be copyrighted, but... what of an idea?

Last of all thoughts, what extra-bit of difference am I making, if most of the ideas already exist? Perhaps that's why research scholars religiously practice 'Survey of existing Literature' before commencing a research project.
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