July 9, 2008

Condoms and Corporate!

Crazy idea, eh? Well, it came to me through corporate folklore about a person whom I've never known. Here's the exact statement made by the victim in the narrative: "These bastards have used me like a condom."

A little thought o'er the statement makes me recollect the famous Madhur Bhandarkar's Bollywood movie 'Corporate', where the so very beautiful Bipasha Basu transformed into a similar use-and-throw thing... For that... well, condom makes an excellent metaphor.

I've seen decades of 'valuable' experience being debased with one letter (obviously, here I am not talking of non-performing employees). Oh yes, e-mail these days do a better job and also can help avoid a personal confrontation. And if it's to be done sooner, an SMS comes in handy; Even the chat messages on MS Communicator, or other clients do a good job by leaving an offline message if one doesn't want to take the pain of writing an e-mail.

What to say? I can only recall these wise words of another businessman turned Chief Mentor of "Love your job not your company, because you never know when it stops loving you." What I admire most about it is, the essence verbalized out of, God knows how many years of corporate experience.

If you want to follow the Leader speak, here's it in Narayan Murthy's words "Love your job not your company", at least if you don't want to be treated like a Corporate Condom!
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