September 15, 2008

Attacks on Christians: Phobia or Hatred!?!

After the Orissa row of killing Christians and destroying Churches, it's spread over to Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka and many other places which the mainstream media has failed to feature and provide adequate cognizance to the general public.

I woke up to the news which reported "7 churches were attacked in Karnataka". I look up on the internet, and the numbers range from 10 - 14 churches being vandalized, and nothing less than that. From the gruesome Graham Staines' killing nearly about 10years ago, and the raping on nuns, and ransacking Christian homes and churches working in tribal areas in various parts of certain states, the violence has been only setting ablaze more parts of the nation with hatred against Christians and their activities.

The response from Christian community against the accentuated persecution has not come as strongly (without any violence) as against how other religious communities would have come back. Nevertheless, the Church in India took a stand when they announced all Christian institutions will remain closed on August 29, 2008 as a sign of protest against the killings that took place in Orissa after a Hindu leader named Laxmanananda Saraswati was murdered.

This one act of peaceful protest has called for the State Government's show-cause notice demanding explanation as to why the schools were shut, and threatened to withdraw funding and dire consequences. Well, if the state gets involved in the harrassment, what say?

Phobia and Hatred, I believe they are the cause and consequence of each other. Here, the issue in question is Christianphobia and Hatred against Christians. Given the outcome of these attacks, the inhumane acts against humanity and the unapologetic faces of the people involved only point to one thing - Wickedness! And none can justify the cries on the suffering lips! Is this not the shame of unethical religion? Is this someone's religion?

By the very Hindu philosophy of Karma, they shall surely reap the fruits. But Christians, we pray for their forgiveness. We pray that even the persecutors be touched by the love of Jesus which keeps us marching onward in fulfilling our cause towards all humanity!
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