September 5, 2008

What's next on my blog?

There's a lot much going on in my mind to write, so here's what I expect to be up..
  • Orissa attacks on Christians have always been a concern, and I wanna write as to why Christians do conversions, so that my friends and readers here can understand
  • August 29th, from 00:10 hrs to 03:50 hrs I have had almost an adventure on the roads of New Delhi when I walked all the way from Malviya Nagar to Nasirpur, Dwarka after a friend's birthday party.
  • When I was in XI standard, I did some findings of 'Modern Discoveries' which were already authored in The Bible, I'm searching for that piece of paper.. once I find it, I'll put it up.
  • Coming to HR subjects, I've been thinking of how bosses have a larger image in the eyes of their juniors that even the company looks smaller infront..
  • Syed Ahmed, my friend from IIPM has been trying a great deal to convert / accept Islam and Mohammed as a prophet by bombarding me with mails, links and Video CDs. But, since I've read 'The Shade of Swords' by MJ Akbar, I really wanna pen down some thoughts or excerpts from the book. 
  • The August 29th walk also reminds me of my walks in Estavayer-le-lac in Switzerland in 2006, once where I was escorted by police back, and the other was another adventure, first of its kind, I'm sure.. for anyone.. 
  • I again fell for another MLM pitch by a dear school-time friend... and I really wanna write about those very Spirited MLM meets and why they suck

  • My Malaysia tour
  • My latest trip to Naukachiatal & Nainital
  • My Jaipur trip pics
  • My 27th Birthday pics
  • The Rajahmundry visit & Godavari Barrage
As time permit, I'll do these all at first...
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