August 24, 2008

Employee Value Proposition or Capitalist's Value Proposition...

Visiting D-75, Malviya Nagar (The VADHMN den) always results in some post of mine... We're a bunch of professionals from Sales, Operations, Finance & HR from Banking, IT-ITeS, Manufacturing industries and we caught up chatting on various trends across our respective organizations and sundry..

I got to know of a leading bank where an Manager committed suicide due to work stress, another manager who's psychic behaviour gets all his juniors go bonkers; Companies where benefits being provided earlier are being withdrawn, and new leaders taking over at the top and not taking employee-friendly decisions... and many more...

The question here is: Do companies really mean to assess the value proposition in their decisions or the impact their decisions might make for employees at all?

Maybe, it's just another HR tool to sugarcoat the bitter truth. But, does HR too own those decisions? Questionable. Well, the matter of the fact is, without any doubt, that the first assessment of any initiative is to know what's the value proposition for the shareholders? If that's good enough, everything else is overridden. If, as a byproduct employees benefit out of it, the companies encash it as a 'EVP offered at XYZ Inc.,' Way to go guys, what say?!

So, next time you hear that 'EVP thing', ask yourself, if it is EVP or CVP?
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