August 15, 2008

TDTY - To Nainital and Back...

This day, That year - It was the year 2005, this very day, about almost the same time we just landed (Manohar, Nadeem, Vikram) with our aching bums at J2/30, Malviya Nagar after our 3-day bike-ride from Nainital.

Conversations with Nadeem has resulted in this blogpost TDTY, thanks to him.. or I would have only just kept thinking of this trip.. here's a bit from our write-up of that trip...

A calm surrender to the awesome grandeur of the mountains,
The gratification of senses from the breath of a cloud,
Pine crests, misty roadways, deep valleys, the shimmering sun,
The very knowledge of your presence in the moment was blissful,
The sound of a stream drifting by, echoes in wilderness,
To stand on the highest rock, gaze down on everything else belittled…
A walk in the clouds! Halfway to heaven! Euphoric!

The wind was cool, summer sun dimmed and the rain forbearing.

It was as if the gods have blessed our trip.
Three angels, three kings, three musketeers,

The number was perfect; it was the ‘Three of Us!’
Everything worked out so fine, not a flake of obstruction all our way…
That was what our trip to Nainital has been.

The whole trip detail, and the pics are available here on: My Travel blog

Funny how excited we were then to plan another bike ride 2 years later, but now, Vikram's happily married, Nadeems taking a GMAT run, and me blogging away to glory!
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