August 20, 2008

When Bosses play God!

Being a manager is quite a privilege. You're in authority, you've got the power to influence... and most importantly you've got subordinates to manage, get work done, groom and develop. But, is it that simple? Being an HR professional, I get to interact with Business Heads, Sr. Managers, Managers & TLs who play a significant role in shaping people in organizations both at strategic and operational levels. Apart from work and styles, what strikes me most, is the 'God' like feeling that these people fantasize.. Ugh! It certainly gets the HR loathing..

Here's what my few experiences of Boss playing God have been--
  • They'd like to enforce a certain career path (change in role / domain / department) with a negligible attitude towards individual consent. They feel the individual will see the benefit later (how they wish the employee stays after such humiliating act)
  • Overriding a senior's instruction to be carried out, or manipulating the same at own discretion to influence the outcome (and expect the juniors' support if it gets screwed up)
  • The biggest show-off comes when the bosses talk about how they can, in a positive or negative way influence the appraisals, progression and salary increments (as if an employee's future is in his/her hands)
As I write, and ask for some examples from Joy, she says, "It's little virtual, but they think that ways all the time." Well, the above mentioned are few actions manifested in different forms when it comes to practical application.

However, if we talk of the end, in a world like ours, when we're questioning the existence of God Divine, can we really expect little ones as our managers and bosses to play god with us really? At least with the class of 'somewhat' self-aware people (including myself) I hang out with, they perform miserably, and lose whatever little credibility they have in sight..
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