August 5, 2008

Renaming my Blog!!!

My blog was initially titled 'A thousand dreams you can still believe...' keeping in mind the content I would flow in here. The initial title inspired from the song 'Where is the love' sung by Celine Dion.

Within 3 months after creating this blog, I had actually almost joined the league of other bloggers who were excited to start up, but lousy to sustain... However, as time went by, I did see me (slowly and) consistently (thus far), doing some posting, and I was glad.

After about 18 months of blogging, I started looking at the content that I was writing - subjects varies from Workplace issues, HR matters, Spiritual, Catharsis among others.. But, a major portion of them was about Workplace issues & HR Matters, so I renamed it to 'HR Matters & Life'.

'HR Matters & Life' wouldn't work for me.. It wouldn't do justice to the other spiritual thoughts I may wanna flow-in. I keep musing over subjects, and then finally, it dawned on me to name it 'Musing Mano', but... that was only for a day!

Now, as I read my e-mails to my friends and other HR Groups I used to send some 10-11 years ago, one theme was prominent - 'Lessons from Daily Life', and that's what I'm sticking to... That's what it will be - the new and lasting (perhaps) name of my existing blog - 'LESSONS FROM DAILY LIFE'.

Comments, someone?
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