August 2, 2008

Miracles do happen!

I changed my job again last (to last) week. The selection had taken approximately three months, during which I had not much clear indicators of whether I got through the interviews or not. It was only in the first week of July that I had come to know that an offer was ready for me. In that week, I was traveling down south, visiting my sister.

There, I came across a month-old evangelistic newsletter by Dr. Shantavardhan (based out of Guntur), in the matrimonial section, where my new job, company's name were published, with exact salary details which I had not even discussed with my family by then, nor did I know completely. (Now, in January earlier this year my family has initiated match-fixing process for me, and they had asked Dr. Shantavardhan to give out a post in their newsletter.)

Now, I have joined Infosys BPO, which was never in my radar of job search. Got a call one fine evening, and I went ahead without nothing to lose... and here I am.

But, when I saw that month-old newsletter, and now that I've joined, I can't say nothing to it, but 'Miracles do happen!' Isn't it?
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