September 29, 2008

My vision for PCMM

It was in May 2007 that I downloaded the PCMM Implementation manual from the portal I had just started off at Merino Services Limited as an HR Manager, and given that that this IT division was just starting I had somehow boldly thought I'll do the implementation at full-length single-handedly, of course, with more people joining eventually. But, going through the manual, it wasn't easy because of the very technical language it uses, and to be honest, neither my maturity level was to the absolute second of levels as PCMM expects. Well, with this in the background, the whole thing seemed so very paper-work oriented, and bureaucratic that I gave up, but kept a print copy of the manual handy for reference.

There I'd started with the designing of my very first HR Policy Manual, and thanks to my very encouraging the then bosses, Bikash Lohia & Sanjay Sharda who had given me enough guidance as well as latitude in suggesting new ideas to institute new processes, which I did to whatever extent I could have in the given context the company was operating. But, PCMM wasn't what guided, though my policies and procedures were to a great extent documented by the ISO guidelines. Thanks to Neeraj Ranjan, our quality guy.

Today, I've returned from a PCMM Training sponsored by Infosys, hopeful to get certified (I gave my exam), and the wonderful trainer, PCMM Lead Assesor from QAI - Shankar Ramanand had given me a great orientation to the same, and also to a great extent clarified the great mystery experts keeping throwing at HR folks - Align HR with Business Strategy! Great! But, whoever's reading, remember, PCMM is not about HR, but People management strategies which spans the whole organization! Owned by HR, to be driven by Executive Management and supported by Line Management!

If being a IT faculty at IIPM has got me some benefit, it was due to my exposure to ERP, CMMI, Project Managemet, where I also first got to know of PCMM.
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