October 2, 2008

Gandhi the weakest?

In the wake of recent blasts across various locations in India, all the opposition party politicians and even a few Government allies’ leaders have called the Home Minister of India Shivraj Patil a weak person for the role, and the media has raised the question ‘Is Shivraj Patil’ the weakest home minister India has seen?

Talking of who others the same people have called weak, I recall how L K Advani (leader of opposition) attacked and made it a mandate to in any which way declare the Prime Minister of India Manmohan Singh the weakest Prime Minister of India till date. That is despite the many achievements the person may claim to himself personally and towards the nation as a ruler, he’s declared the weakest!

Let’s see who’s contesting for strongest of the ministers these days:

  1. LK Advani, the Hindutva advocate, the leader of judging panel of 'Who's the weakest?'who himself had been a Home Minister and even held the office of Deputy Prime Minister, during BJP rule in India. Advani, who's believed to have a criminal case against him, is also responsible for the great riots which took place in India due to the demolition of Babri Masjid, thanks to his strong roots in RSS. This man, who evokes terror within the country by stirring religious sentiments also aims to be the next prime minister. His favorite past time is to make yatras, and go about sowing seeds of dissension and enjoy sitting on the chaos following his actions.
  2. Narendra Modi, the Chief Minister of Gujarat, who’s a hero-like figure these days. He who failed to protect the minorities while in power in Gujarat was attacked for not just failing to provide adequate protection to the attacked, but also instigating the masses by sowing seeds of hatred among religious communities which had accentuated the riots and the consequences of it. He has successfully contested and won elections twice after the incident and rules the state. Well, the latest Nanavati report has further encouraged him as a messiah by giving him a clean chit in the Godhra case..
  3. Naveen Patnaik, Orissa Chief Minister is the most (dismally) strongest of all the current chief ministers. In the face of increasing attacks on minorities, mainly Christians which have been persistent over a decade from the ghastly act of the burning of Graham Staines’ to the current situation of the fire spreading across many burning districts, he has been successful in not inviting much criticism toward himself. Well, he’s not weak, what a ignominy to the many lives lost in the tragedy! Everyone knows Naveen can’t speak Oriya for nuts, nor has he lived in Orissa long to neither know nor to understand what ails the land.

Looking at the way in which things are defined, I guess, MK Gandhi, the declared Mahatma was the weakest of all Indian leaders. Given the rod by which judgment is delivered by the people who call the Prime Minister and Home minister the weakest, I can promise by their standards Mahatma Gandhi was the weakest of all! Perhaps, that’s why Nathuram Godse shot him down! Guess he’s to be given an equal prize against the Nobel for being the weakest leader of a nation. Alongside ignoble prizes for the judges of ‘Who’s the weakest’!!!
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