October 6, 2008

Quotes from 'The Family' by Mario Puzo

The Family, by Mario Puzo was his last of novels, and it gives some insights into human behavior and a lot about the pattern of those times.. here's a few quotable quotes shared below..

  • So it was, as God fell to earth as man and the rigid religious doctrine of the Middle Ages lost its power and was replaced by the study of great ancient civilizations of Rome, Greece & Egypt… man pitted his mind against the heart of God and Reason reigned.
  • Enough money could buy churches, priests, pardon and even the forgiveness of God.
  • If a man can sell his soul to one devil, can he not to another?
  • Without free will, he is a mere puppet of his own need, a beast of burden yielding to the snap of another man’s whip.
  • True love imperils a man, and empowers a woman.
  • Love can steal free will using no weapon but itself
  • Is a man’s destiny not always a gift and a burden? For who of us must not struggle with his own free will when praying “Thy will be done dear Lord, not mine?”
  • I do not wish to engage myself in disagreements, and the way to do that is never to begin
  • Human Nature goes against itself for lofty principles
  • The minds of the humanists can twist the truth and make sense out of nonsense
  • Live with your sins, confess them or not, but never lose your faith, for there is nothing else
  • By claiming his will as her own, she had shifted the balance of power and so without a weapon she effectively disarmed him
  • Freedom is not a right, but a privilege
  • Power for itself proves nothing; it is an empty exercise of one man’s will over another.
  • Without love power places man closer to the animals than to the angels.
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